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About Overwatch

Real-time subsurface monitoring technology for tailings storage facilities

Overwatch combines patent-pending subsurface probe technology with an internet of things (IoT) network to directly measure change and monitor TSF’s health from below the ground. Using 6 cutting edge sensors to directly monitor 9 measures known to be contributors to TSF failure, Overwatch enables TSF health to be proactively monitored to determine risk of failure with enough time to prevent loss of life, catastrophic environmental damage or prevent a stop to commercial operations.

Supporting adherence to the updated GISTM and ICMM requirements.

Our innovative solution utilises an interdisciplinary knowledge base across geophysics and network engineering to minimize and manage risk across a TSF life cycle and enable clear systems and levels of review.


real-time infrastructure insights


management and safety risks


environmental impact


manual processes

World-first probe technology

Measure the deep dark subsurface, directly.

Developed in conjunction with world-leading experts, Overwatch’s ruggedised subsurface probes are tactically installed within key identified locations of a TSF. Enclosing multiple self-powered sensors, Overwatch then provides direct measurement of geological, geophysical and hydrogeological changes in real-time and transmits the data to our secure digital interface.

Seismic activity

Positive pore pressure

Negative pore pressure

pH levels


Soil moisture


Integrated real-time dashboard

Visualise asset health with a powerful digital twin solution

Most existing monitoring solutions have remained static for the last decade. However, it’s become increasingly clear that these slow and resource-intensive processes don’t align with the accuracy and immediacy required for modern infrastructure monitoring. Overwatch was developed to accelerate the status-quo forward. 

Reliable, real-time insights are brought to life on Overwatch’s cutting-edge online and mobile platform to keep tailings storage facilities safe, sustainable and cost-efficient. Plus, integrate any existing monitoring solutions with Overwatch to realise the best of both worlds. 

Overwatch’s innovative digital twin technology features steadfast cyber security and data encryption measures. This ensures that data is accessible only to the right people at the right time - safely and at speed.


Monitor the unmonitored today for an informed tomorrow 

From initial consultations, through to probe installation and client onboarding, expect expert support for the entire life-of-mine. This guarantees Overwatch’s enduring viability, scalability and reliability.

.01 Consultation

To develop a thorough understanding of a client’s subsurface and ensure a value-based installation of our probe, Hermes and Soteria’s expert subsurface consultants carry out onsite geophysical subsurface analysis of the TSF.  A bespoke report is produced to highlight areas of importance to the client and inform key locations for installation.

.02 Installation

Overwatch’s next-generation ruggedised probes enclosing our powerful sensors are carefully installed in the key subsurface locations via a standard geotechnical or sonic drilling rig and 200mm diameter hole to the identified depth of risk.The hole is backfilled and reliable surface network infrastructure is established to enable self-powered real-time data transmission.

.03 Test and train

Following installation, the Overwatch online platform is configured to establish key thresholds of pore pressure, seismic activity, pH, salinity, temperature, and moisture. Working with the site’s requests, we customise role-based access to data and configure the platform’s notification and action features to automate intervention where necessary.

.04 Ongoing support

As a genuine life-of-mine monitoring solution, the reliability of Overwatch’s devices and platform are secured by around-the-clock support from Hermes and Soteria. A 24/7 helpline ensures assistance is only ever a call away.

Our team

Meet the Hermes and Soteria team

With a name derived from Hermes – the Greek God of messaging and the underworld – and Soteria – the Goddess of safety and preservation from harm – Hermes and Soteria’s team of experts strive to mitigate threats with valuable information.

Overwatch is the embodiment of this innovative, future-focused vision.

Gus Elliot

Managing Director & CEO

Aaron Tomkins

Director of Geoscience (Co-Founder)

David Rees

Director of Data (Co-Founder)

Jackson Miller

Operations Lead and Product Owner

Kate Sainty

Chief Financial Officer

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Gus Elliott

Leads Hermes and Soteria with over 25 years of experience in the construction, mining, oil and gas industries. A knowledgeable people leader and experienced contracting executive, Gus’ passion for collaborative working relationships allows him to efficiently and personally translate Overwatch’s capabilities into a multitude of distinct environments.

Aaron Tomkins

Aaron uplifts over a decade of knowledge in the geoscience and management space to direct Overwatch’s large-scale implementation in the mining, energy and infrastructure sectors. His global reach empowers a versatile, flexible and scientific approach to mine site solutions that adapt to key subsurface conditions and client priorities.

David Rees

David brings more than two decades of experience in the internet-of-things, cloud, web, mobile application, automation and migration spaces to the Overwatch team. His emphasis on data accessibility, security and reliability has underlined his career journey and is emboldened within each Hermes and Soteria project.

Jackson Miller

A leading not-for-profit consultant, founder of a cutting-edge tech platform and one of the top 100 young APAC leaders of 2022, Jackson steers Overwatch’s operations with his time-honoured coordination experience.  A dedication to operational efficiency, environmental vitality and digital solutions energises his critical role.

Kate Sainty

Specialising in financial management and company secretarial services, Kate joined the Hermes and Soteria team as Company Secretary and Chief Financial Officer soon after the Company’s founding. Kate is a Chartered Accountant and draws on her Diploma in Applied Corporate Governance and experience across a variety of industries to ensure strong financial growth and systems for Hermes and Soteria.

4Zero specialise in harnessing the power of operational data to deliver secure, simple and seamless solutions which improve reliability, efficiency and promote safety. Powering our interactive cloud-based visual platform with the same encryption and security standards utilised across 100+ hospitals in Australia, 4Zero valuably support Overwatch’s digital interface.

GBG Group is a specialist consulting company providing a range of geotechnical, environmental and engineering investigation services utilising advanced subsurface imaging techniques. Originally known as GBG UK, GBG Australia, GBGMAPS and GBG USA, the company has come together as GBG Group to ensure a holistic approach to the services they provide to their clients. GBG bolster Hermes and Soteria’s geophysical, geotechnical, environmental and hydrogeological offering through their 40+ years of industry-leading expertise.

Sorensen Product Lab are Australia’s premier product design and prototype facility with 40+ years engineering expertise. Sorensen are designing and manufacturing our probes and fulfil our production requirements in their state of the art facility located in Sydney, Australia.

The world-leading Geotechnical Engineering Center from The University of Queensland assessed and certified Overwatch as a proactive TSF monitoring solution. Lead researchers Professor Chenming Zhang and Professor David Williams have attracted more than $20mil in tailings research funding with 60+ years of combined experience in tailings monitoring.

The Azure cloud and support of Microsoft for Startups program powers our cloud-based visualisation software. Together with our digital and network partners, this ensures an unprecedented 99.9% uptime for the tailing monitoring industry.

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